Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nestlé Welcomes New Batch of Scholars

Chairman and CEO John Miller and EXECOM Members Gid Manuel, Edith de Leon, Peter Noszek, and Sandra Puno with the new batch of Nestlé scholars
Twenty-three new scholars have joined the roster of qualified employee children enjoying the benefits of the Nestlé Scholarship Program, now on its 14th year.

This brings to 393 the total of Nestlé Scholars today, with the most number coming from MAO (39%), followed by Cabuyao and Cagayan de Oro (22% each), Lipa (12%), and Pulilan (5%). The number of scholarship slots allotted to each site is based on the ratio and proportion of each site’s manpower count according to employee level.

The new scholars from MAO, Cabuyao, Lipa and Pulilan were awarded their Nestlé Scholarship certificates in simple ceremonies held at the Nestlé Center training rooms on June 1, 2010. Chairman and CEO John Miller, assisted by Corporate HR Director Gid Manuel, Finance & Control Director Peter Noszek, Communications Director Sandra Puno, and Corporate Affairs Director Edith de Leon, presented the certificates to the new scholars and their parents.

In his message, Chairman and CEO John Miller underscored how the Nestlé Scholarship Program demonstrates the value that NPI gives to education. “Although you are very young, you have already exhibited the passion for education,” John told the new batch of scholars. “The most important gift you will ever receive is education. As Nestlé scholars, you are role models, the future leaders of the Philippines. Well done to each and everyone of you.”

John also lauded the parents of the scholars. “Congratulations, parents. You are role models as well.”

The event also marked the first time that the Nestlé Scholarship Program awarding ceremony was held at a central location for all Luzonbased work sites. Corporate Learning & Development Head Mitzie Antonio explained, “We decided to have just one awarding for all Luzon-based worksites here at MAO to allow our new scholars and their parents the opportunity to meet our EXECOM.”

CDO held its Nestlé Scholarship Program awarding ceremony on June 26 at the factory. Grade 5 student Hendrich Namoca, son of Pulilan HR Executive Hope Namoca, led the opening prayer where he thanked the Lord “for giving us the best parents who always guide us in everything we do, showing us love and support.”

In her closing prayer, Grade 2 student Angela Paderes, the 7-year old daughter of Cabuyao Factory’s Ethel Paderes, thanked the Lord for the blessing, and urged fellow scholars to “study well to make our parents proud of us.”

Employee-parent representative from Sales Control, Joy Ginez, mother of new scholar Isabelle Beatriz, expressed her gratitude to the Nestlé family for the recognition given to employees’ children through the program. “This is a concrete example of Creating Shared Value. Rest assured that your investment in our scholars is an investment for their future.”

Started in 1996, the Nestlé Scholarship Program recognizes the academically outstanding children of Nestlé employees, in order to inspire and motivate them to continue to excel in their studies. Once awarded, the scholarship is renewable every year, provided the student-scholar maintains an annual Grade Point Average of 85% or its equivalent, with no failing marks or incomplete grade in any subject. The employee-parent of the scholar must likewise be of good standing in the Company, with no records of unexcused absence, violation of the rule on tardiness, and suspension.

Nestlé scholars in grade school and high school get a company assistance of PhP 16,000 annually, while college and vocational scholars receive a yearly assistance of PhP 25,000.

“We welcome the new batch of Nestlé scholars, and wish them all the best as they strive to continue to excel in the school year 2010-2011. We hope that our Nestlé scholars will serve as an inspiration to students out there to value their education and study hard to achieve excellence,” Gid said.

SOURCE: Nestle Family Balita (June 30, 2010)

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