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GMA Inaugurates NBS (with former Chairman and CEO Nandu Nandkishore)

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo formally inaugurated the Nestlé Business Services (NBS) AOA on February 29, 2008 in simple ceremonies held at the NBS offices in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

NPI Chairman and CEO Nandu Nandkishore and NBS AOA Head Craig Connolly welcomed the President, who was joined by Trade & Industry Secretary Peter Favila, the Swiss Ambassador Peter Sutter, and members of the local government led by Bulacan Governor Joselito Mendoza, Congresswomen Reylina Nicolas and Lorna Silverio, Congressman Pedro Pancho, Meycauayan City Mayor Joan Alarilla, and members of the City Council of Meycauayan City. Key NPI executives joined DNK in welcoming the President, led by Finance & Control Director Peter Noszek, Corporate Affairs Head Bin Antonio, Incoming Corporate Affairs Head Edith de Leon, Head of Legal Belen Caberte, Director of Communications Noy Dy-Liacco, HR Director Gid Manuel, Outgoing SCM Head Robert Vallender, and HR Director for Zone AOA Nigel Isherwood.

After cutting the ceremonial ribbon, President Arroyo toured the NBS facilities where Craig and NBS Employee Services Head Fritz Adorable briefed her on the professional services to be rendered by the NBS. A new corporate entity of the global Nestlé Group, the NBS will serve as the shared service center for financial and employee service needs of Nestlé companies in Zone AOA (Asia, Oceania and Africa). Countries to be served by NBS include the Philippines, Malaysia/Singapore, Indonesia, Indochina, Australia and New Zealand. The entity’s financial services will include account payables and receivables as well as accounting operations, while its employee services will cover payroll, HR administration, time management and benefits administration.

Nandu said that the establishment of NBS in the country, which was announced in August 2007, is a concrete expression of the Nestlé Group’s long-term confidence and commitment to support the continued economic growth of the country. He noted that a number of countries had been considered as possible sites for NBS, with the Philippines finally selected because of talent availability and cost efficiency. “This decision recognizes our world-class capabilities in financial and employee services, and will allow us, yet again, to showcase Filipino competence. We are happy that through the NBS, we are able to help spur economic growth in the country,” he said.

NBS is designed to deliver best-in-class office support at competitive service levels and costs to Nestlé companies in the region. The Nestlé Group has successfully implemented the shared service model in Europe and the Americas, resulting in maximized cost effectiveness, efficiency, and higher quality of financial and employee service transactions.

“NBS AOA centralizes the financial and employee service requirements of various Nestlé companies in Zone AOA at one location, in the Philippines. We expect this shared service setup not only to deliver cost efficiencies, but to also allow Nestlé companies to focus more on their core business, which is generating demand,” Craig shared during the briefing with the President.

NBS AOA is located at the same site in Meycauayan where Nestlé Philippines’ North Distribution Center operates as the Company’s largest and most modern distribution center in the country. “We chose Meycauayan as the NBS site because the area is underdeveloped from a BPO standpoint. This will allow us to recruit local talent, control turnover, and deliver on our commitments,” Craig explained.

He said that financial and employee services transactions are being taken over by NBS progressively, starting with Nestlé Philippines which completed the transition of its financial services by end of 2007, and its employee services this month. A total transition of all Nestlé companies in-scope in the Zone is expected by end of 2008.

NBS AOA now has a complement of 200 professionals with finance and HR expertise, with its manpower expected to grow close to 450 by end of 2008, almost all of whom will be Filipinos. “A major reason why we chose the Philippines as the site for the NBS AOA Shared Service

Centre is the availability of local talent, with an impressive number of graduates generated by the Philippine educational system. We view this as a key strength that will allow us to drive success for NBS AOA,” Craig said.

SOURCE: Nestle Family Balita (March 15, 2008)

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