Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's the New Year, do you know where your level of fitness is going? Here's how you can get in shape in just 14 days and keep those unwanted pounds off!

Skipping breakfast.
Start the year right by eating healthy in the morning. When you skip breakfast, you're starving yourself and you are more likely to eat more during lunch because of the feeling of deprivation, thus ending up with eating more calories.

Start the morning with a healthy dose of whole grains.
Studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) and smaller waist circumference and are able to maintain their weight over time.

Using quick diet methods.
Most dieters start the year with drastic habits. But remember that slimming tablets and other medicines may lead to complications such as heart pulpitations and dehydration. Don't be be fooled by quick weight loss plans without a sustaining program, because it makes you gain more weight.
Try a healthier option, like the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day Program.
For 2 weeks, eat a bowl (up to 30g) of any NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal with 125ml skimmed milk and fruit for breakfast then another for lunch OR dinner. For the remaining meal, choose a healthy balanced meal, complemented by a healthy snack such as a fruit or vegetable.

Overdoing it.
The goal of the meal plan is to get you to a healthier eating pattern. So after 2 weeks, you can ease into regular meals. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with foods high in fiber and low in fat, and in portions appropriate for your needs so you don't accumulate more weight.

Have a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Being healthy is not just about what you eat but what you do. Be active, take more walks, use the stairs, swim, dance with friends and get more exercise. A positive attitude also helps in making you feel healthy.

Being unrealistic.
Your size and weight are also dependent on a number of factors aside from a healthy diet. Your genes, the amount of exercise you do, metabolism, and your level of personal health all come into play.

Make small goals.
Losing weight really depends on the little steps you take. Define your goals and work on a realistic time frame. Losing weight slowly but surely is always better for you. It is important to remember that meal plans work only when you commit to them. So make this not just a New Year's resolution but your commitment to a healthier life. Good luck!


A balanced meal should be made up of the five major food groups in proportion with each other. So that should take into account the following:
  • Low if fat
  • High in fibre
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Protein like meat or fish and alternatives such as tofu
  • Carbohydrates
Want to know what nutrients you can get from each food group? Refer to the table below. Take note not to overdo your portions, especially fats and sweets!